Cette femme ronde mariée à un homme musclé reçoit des critiques honteuses de la part des internautes

Sur TikTok, a plus-sized woman posted a video of herself with her athletic husband. However, the young woman received numerous negative and mean-spirited criticisms, with people telling her that her husband could do better because of her appearance.

While social media platforms are perfect for keeping in touch with loved ones and staying connected with distant acquaintances, they can quickly become dangerous.

Because it’s possible to receive messages from people you don’t know on social networks, some individuals don’t hesitate to send mean or mocking comments, even insults.

This is what happened to Alicia McCarvell, a 32-year-old woman. Married to a man named Scott, she decided to share videos of herself and her partner on TikTok. Like many other couples, the lovers decided to participate in trends on the social network.

She is criticized for her appearance. However, Alicia didn’t expect to receive a flood of mean-spirited criticism by posting her videos. Many internet users commented on the young woman’s appearance, which they claimed «contrasted» with that of her husband. Indeed, while Alicia is rather round, Scott is muscular and athletic and often shares his workout sessions on his social networks. A physical difference that some internet users decided to mock.

«I receive these criticisms because, according to beauty standards, we don’t make sense. People try to find excuses on my side to justify why my husband is with me, things like ‘she must not have been fat when they met’ or ‘she must be rich’,» explained Alicia.

Faced with these criticisms, Alicia decided not to back down and responded to internet users with a clear message.

«On the scale of what my husband appreciates, how my body fits into body standards is not at the top of the list. He appreciates my humor, my commitment, my love, and my caring heart. And none of these things he appreciates about me change if my body changes,» she declared.

Alicia also stated that if some people think this way, it’s because they were raised like that. But the young woman asserted that these individuals need to make an effort to change their behavior.

Among the unpleasant surprises she faced, Alicia discovered that a woman had boasted of being able to convince Scott to leave his wife for her. Indeed, this woman considered herself very beautiful and dared to send a private message to Scott telling him to be with «someone who looks like him.» A message to which Alicia responded perfectly.

«What people don’t understand is that although Scott receives private messages from other women, they emphasize their bodies and not their personality. What my boyfriend likes about me is my humor, my positivity, and the complicity we have together. It’s beyond physical,» said the young woman.

In total, Alicia’s video has been viewed over 50 million times. Among the comments, many people stepped up to defend the couple, while also asking others to show respect.

Fresh out of university, Lisa took her first steps into web writing at Demotivateur. Armed with her words, she aspires above all to share information to raise awareness about the issues that matter to her, such as environmental issues and animal welfare. In addition to her passion for music, gastronomy, and cinema, Lisa has a hidden pleasure for astrology.

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