À 80 ans, voici « l’homme le plus sale du monde », il ne s’est pas lavé depuis… 60 ans

Amoo Hadji, surnamed «the dirtiest man in the world,» resides in southern Iran and is known for his extreme lack of hygiene. At 80 years old, he hasn’t bathed in 60 years.

If you ever feel dirty because you haven’t showered for several days, rest assured: there are far worse cases. Amoo Hadji, a man from southern Iran, aged 80, is famous for his filthiness.

Indeed, the man has not bathed for 60 years and has earned the title of «the dirtiest man in the world.»

The dirtiest man in the world lives in solitude. Amoo Hadji allegedly chose to live far away from others and to stop washing himself since his 20s. Sixty years later, he cannot hide it: his filthy beard and brown skin are evidence that he has not washed for a very long time.

While not much is known about Amoo Hadji’s activities, we know he enjoys spending time alone in nature. Additionally, he has the peculiar habit of smoking a pipe, which he fills not with tobacco but with dried animal excrement he finds in nature. Some villagers have tried to help him by bringing him clean water and meals, but in vain: the man prefers to drink rainwater and eat decaying animals, such as porcupines.

Amoo Hadji has a strong immune system. While this man has been heavily criticized on the internet for his lack of hygiene, is daily bathing truly necessary for cleanliness? Dermatologists suggest otherwise, stating that daily washing might be discouraged as it could aggress the skin and make it drier.

Contrary to common belief, Amoo does not suffer from health problems due to his lack of hygiene. Living in this manner has enabled him to develop a very strong immune system, which helps him combat viruses and diseases. However, the man suffers from trichinosis, a disease contracted from eating raw meat.

If the Iranian lives in seclusion like a hermit, it is partly because he does not bathe, but also by choice. Indeed, he reportedly decided to live this way following a romantic disappointment. This lifestyle could thus stem from a psychological and emotional shock, or simply be another way of living his life.

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